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Effective AI Detection: Top 8 Best AI Content Detectors For You To Use

AI has flooded the internet with images, videos and undetectable content, leading to a chaotic mix of truth, fiction, and the uncanny valley in between. Navigating such a landscape where AI and human-made content are similar is a challenging and daunting task. Well, like anything, this issue also has an effective solution! 

What’s that? Top 8 best AI content detectors, tool that is capable of scanning content for telltale signs of manipulation. Using these tools, you can detect the content effortlessly, so why not know about these top 8 best AI content detectors available for you to use

  • ZeroGPT

As an open-source AI detection tool, ZeroGPT can do wonders for you in detecting AI contamination. Developed for educators and content teams, this platform is instrumental in detecting AI-generated text and enhancing comprehension of other AI-generated content. 

ZeroGPT API features the flexibility to integrate the tool seamlessly into other apps and programs to provide real-time AI content detection.


  • Originality.AI

Originality.AI has created its own league by uniquely incorporating AI detection and plagiarism checking into a singular cloud-based tool. Demonstrating notable accuracy of 95%, it can spot texts created by all the well-known AI tools including ChatGPT, Bard, etc. 

Primarily, this tool was crafted for content marketing and SEO agencies. However, it remains accessible to anyone who values maintaining AI-free content.


  • Copyleaks

Copyleaks ensures remarkable reliability with in-depth sentence-level analysis, and comprehensive model coverage, including Bard and GPT-4. Beyond just distinguishing between human and artificial passages, this tool delivers more. 

How? It identifies potentially paraphrased segments strategically utilized to mask AI generation. Copyleaks supports more than 30 languages and is capable of understanding and identifying AI content proficiently.


  • Winston AI

A cloud-based AI detection tool, Winston AI utilizes machine learning for the identification of AI-generated content. If you are struggling to convert multiple file types, then you can rest now. This tool uses optical character recognition (OCR) to read and identify text, even from images. 

With its multiple-file type support, you can drop, scan and identify JPG, PNG, PDF or docx. Winston AI provides a sentence-by-sentence assessment to pinpoint specific problematic areas with notable accuracy.


  • Content at Scale

Providing a no-nonsense approach, Content at Scale’s AI detector simplifies text assessment to make it easy to identify. Whether the content is crafted by humans, AI, or a combination of both, it will highlight and indicate text in respected colours. 

This tool delivers reliable and precise results backed by its comprehensive training with blog posts, essays and Wikipedia entries. You can identify whether a text was generated by ChatGPT, Bard, Claude, or any mainstream tool available in the market.



Undetectable is a tool of its own kind, providing a combination of numerous AI Detector tools in one place. Alongside its AI detection capabilities, it allows you to “humanise” AI-generated sections to prevent content flagging. 

With you can even personalize the targeted readability and purpose to harmonize with your intent. This tool can process 10,000 characters per analysis and can easily identify text outputs from GPT-3, GPT-4, Bard and Claude.


  • GLTR

GLTR stands for (Giant Language Model Test Room), precisely crafted for getting an depth analysis and identification of AI content. As a result of MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and HarvardNLP’s compassion, it can conduct a forensic analysis within seconds. Based on GPT-2 technology, This tool assesses every word to gauge the probability of AI predicting it. 

This involves considering the context prior to the word and the likelihood of AI generating a specific word sequence. If GLTR observes that AI tools frequently generate the word you came up with along with the preceding word it will mark it AI Generated.


  • Sapling

Sapling is an AI content-detecting tool majorly used by individuals to improve their writing. As a free tool, it might not give exceptional results but will now let you down in identifying AI Content. Sapling suggests that the AI detector becomes more accurate after 50 words or more. 

Alongside that, the top part of the results window will exhibit the overall score while emphasizing sections showing signs of being AI-generated.



Prominently detecting the content for its AI presence, these top 8 best AI content detector tools can be significantly helpful for checking the use of AI.  If you are looking for a quick and reliable result, you can go with copyleaks and undetectable. Similarly, if you are seeking a detailed and precise detector you can go with and content at scale.

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