Best Cooler In India With Price List

In summer, it’s usual to face scorching hot breezes whipping over and humidity at its peak! In the midst of all this chaos, an Air Cooler is a must. It can rescue you from an unwanted sweaty night and mosquitoes as well. 

Without the usage of any harmful gases, Air coolers are known to be providing eco-friendly cooling. Finding a perfect one is a task in itself. In this cool article, you are about to find about the top outstanding contenders.

  • Bajaj DMH 95 95L Air Cooler

Bajaj DMH 95 95L Air Cooler is a titan that throws its weight around with a colossal 95L capacity. Features DuraMarine pump which ensures smooth water flow with higher insulation to protect the pump. 

Combined with the DuraMarine pump, its 190 Watts powerful motor generates a refreshing chill that can combat even the fiercest heatwave. Its ANTI-BACTERIAL honeycomb cooling pads maximize air cooling while maintaining hygiene.

  • Crompton Ozone Air Cooler 75L

A champion balancing power and versatility. Its 75L capacity caters to medium-sized rooms, while its advanced i-Control technology allows for precise airflow adjustment. Its 190 Watts powerful motor whips up refreshing breezes and can air up to 52 ft. 

You can even use it with an inverter in case of a sudden electric cut. Crompton Ozone Air Cooler comes with a durable plastic body, making it relocatable effortlessly. This all-rounder cooler delivers value and comfort in equal measure.

  • Novamax Rambo 100L Air Cooler

Joining the fray is the Novamax Rambo 100L, a heavy-duty contender known for its powerful cooling performance. Its 100L capacity tackles large rooms with ease, while its high-velocity motor pumps air through up to 125 Ft. 

Novamax Rambo also boasts impressive durability, with a heavy-duty plastic body and corrosion-resistant parts. This cooler is for the Max lovers who demand maximum chill, even in the most sweltering spaces.

  • Orient Electric Ultimo 50L Air Cooler

This sleek air cooler proves that size isn’t everything. Its compact 50L design makes it ideal for personal spaces or smaller rooms. Despite being compact, its powerful motor packs a surprising power of 190 Watts. 

Capable of delivering cool comfort without compromising on style. Built with fully collapsible louvres to prevent mosquito entry. This air cooler is perfect for space-conscious individuals.

  • Hindware Smart Appliances Cruzo 72L Air Cooler

Hindware Smart Appliances Cruzo is equipped with the latest tech and smart features. Its 72L capacity cools medium-sized rooms effectively, while its app-controlled operation lets you manage the chill from the comfort of your couch. 

Hindware Cruzo air cooler has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and even allows for voice control. Ensure continuous cooling, even when the power is out, it is engineered for optimal performance with inverter compatibility. If you are seeking smart comfort then you will love it.

  • Symphony Touch 55L Air Cooler

Symphony Touch Air Cooler has a 55L capacity that can easily cater to medium-sized rooms effectively. The touch-sensitive control panel on this device ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience. 

With a mighty 205-watt motor, this device produces cool and refreshing breezes, complemented by a multi-directional air throw that ensures the entire room is immersed in a soothing summer chill. The collapsible louvres shields against mosquitoes and dust and ensures that the air remains pure and refreshing.

  • Hindware Cruzo 92L Air Cooler

While we already mentioned the Cruzo 72L, Hindware offers a bigger sibling for larger spaces. With a substantial 92L capacity, this cooler takes on the most sweltering living rooms with ease, ensuring top-tier air chilling powered by its honeycomb cooling pads. 

This device comes equipped with a potent 200-watt motor, and the water leak indicator provides an added layer of protection, preventing overflow incidents. Prioritizing user comfort, this cooler includes features such as a cord winding holder, castor wheels, and motorized airflow control. This heavy-duty option is perfect for families or those who prioritize maximum cooling coverage.


Choosing the perfect desert air cooler requires more than just brand recognition. You should consider your requirements including Colling Capacity, Air Throw Distance, Water Tank Capacity and additional features. If you are in search of a family cooler full of features You can look towards the Hindware Cruzo 92L 

Air Cooler and Novamax Rambo 100L Air Cooler. Similarly, if you are in search of a compact cooler you can go with Orient Electric Ultimo 50L Air Cooler.

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