How Much It Cost To Make An App In India

How Much It Cost To Make An App In India

India’s app market has been on an upsurge, and with nearly 500 million smartphone users, it’s no wonder the country is a hotspot for app development. Startups and product owners are continually looking to get their foot in the door, but before taking the plunge, understanding the financial investment is crucial. This comprehensive guide dives into the nitty-gritty of app development costs in India to help you gauge your project’s financial scope and optimize your budget.

Estimating budget for app development project in 2024

Amidst the global surge in mobile app usage, India has solidified itself as one of the leading app markets. Mobile apps provide huge benefits to every businessman from small business to big business.

Estimate the cost of app development according to its complexity and features. If talk about India, the cost of making a mobile app here can range from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 30 lakh or even more. This cost is made keeping in mind the complexity of the mobile app and the time it will take to create it. This cost has been divided into three parts so that you can get a better idea of it.

App Categories Approximate Cost Development Time
Basic E-commerce App ₹8 Lakh to ₹20 Lakh 1-4 Months
Mid-Level Fitness App ₹20 Lakh to ₹50 Lakh 4-9 Months
Complex Marketplace App ₹50 Lakh to ₹80 Lakh+ 10+ Months

App development cost of some famous businesses

Cost of app development for some famous categories like health care, gaming, food delivery apps, learning app.

Type of App Approximate Cost Development Time
On-Demand Service App ₹15 Lakh – ₹60 Lakh 3-7 months
Marketplace App ₹15 Lakh– ₹65 lakh 5-10 months
eLearning App ₹10 Lakh– ₹50 Lakh 2-8 months
Healthtech App ₹15 Lakh– ₹50 Lakh 2-7 months
Food Delivery App ₹18 Lakh– ₹40 Lakh 3-8 months
Mobile Games ₹20 Lakh – ₹80 Lakh 6-14 months

Unzipping the costs of mobile app development

Developing an app is not just about coding, it’s a blend of creativity, technology, and market insights. The costs are molded by the following critical factors:

Complexity is Key

The complexity of an app can be broken down into three categories – basic, mid-level, and complex. A basic app involves simple features, a user login, and a minimalistic user interface. A mid-level app might integrate with APIs, have a payment gateway, and serve a more sophisticated user experience. Meanwhile, a complex app engages with cutting-edge tech like AI or AR, uses complex databases, and provides a high level of interactivity.

Platforms and Ploys

Determining which platform to prioritize, between iOS and Android, adds to the development cost. Android apps usually take 20-30% more time to develop, thanks to the diverse device ecosystem. When you combine the development, support, and maintenance costs, the platform choice directly impacts your budget.

Design Delicacies

An app’s design is its first impression. A compelling design boosts user engagement and satisfaction. App design costs include wireframing, high-fidelity mock-ups, UX/UI design, and in some cases, custom animations or illustrations.

Hiring the Right Hands

The development team’s location is a key lever in the overall cost, with Indian app developers often offering a cost-effective solution without sacrificing on the quality. A typical app team includes a project manager, developers, designers, and QA testers.

Feature Frenzy

Each additional feature or integration in an app increases the cost. A GPS feature, for example, can be relatively standard, but more complex integrations such as e-commerce functionality or chat features could be pricier due to their intricacy.


The exponential growth of the Indian app market comes with its share of lucrative opportunities and financial considerations. By understanding the various factors influencing app development costs and implementing strategic financial planning, startups and app developers can better prepare themselves for the market.

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